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Model: GCS 25 / 50 / 100

Similar to the consumer product, Airocide contributes to the Industrial sectors as well. Although the feature and appearance of the industrial product may differ from the consumer product, the benefits and function is basically the same.

Airocide can be used in all kind of industries. However mostly recommended for healthcare, food, floral and wine industries where high volume of airbourne pathogens are found invisible.

It sterilize surfaces to eliminate contact contamination thus leaving the healthcare industry more safer and cleaner environment.

Airocide protects food, flowers, plants and wine from harmful bacteria, mold and Volatile Organic Compounds.

It not only eliminates black mold but also reduces labor costs, prevents evaporative loss and spoilage Microorganisms in the wine industries.


Model GCS 100 bioconversion unit

Engineered to tackle the heaviest levels of bioburden. The GCS 100 employs five square meters of catalytic surface and 40 254-nanometer bulbs for maximum molecular conversion power. The 100 adds dwell time to the process to ensure elimination of high volume bio-particulate in the most extreme situations such as operating theaters, critical care units and food processing lines. Used in clusters, the 100 is the professional air manager’s most powerful tool.

Model GCS 50 bioconversion unit

The industry standard for protection in settings with conventional levels of bioburden. The GCS 50 presents 2.5 meters of catalytic surface and 20 254-nanometer high K-factor lamps to produce air cleansed to a 99.99% level every minute. The 50 is appropriate for most situations including large cold storage facilities and public spaces. Where large areas are involved, several units may be required to cover the space.

Model GCS 25 bioconversion unit

Developed to manage smaller volume conditions, the 25 displays 1.25 meters of catalytic surface to 10 high intensity 254-nanometer lamps, ensuring particulate elimination a 99.99% level. The 25 is appropriate for individual rooms (private offices), cold storage rooms, floral display cases and many public spaces where odors may be present. Ideal for direct intervention where air quality is a concern such as lavatories or rooms subject to mold.

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