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NaoClean Disinfectant Water Generator


NaoClean Disinfectant Water Generator

Model: DES-10K (NaOCl)
NaoClean Disinfectant Water Generator

NaOClean machine is highly reccommended for the usage to prevent food poisoning, infections and other diseases in schools and other meal services.

It is used for

-Food materials (vegetables and fruits) sterilization & cleaning

-Kitchen utensils (knife, chopping board and dish towel sterilization & disinfection)

-Dining room and kitchen sterilization & deodorization

-Sanitary apparatus, washroom and indoor space sterilization & deoderization

NaOClean is a disinfectant generator developed by D&D Electronics for the first time in the world that generates NaOCl which is obtained by electrolyzing the tap water or ground water to which small amount of salts are added and sterilizes and disinfects bacteria in a short period time by using NaOCl. This product is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human bodies as it contains no chemicals NaOClean doesn't cause any second hand contamination and meet the sterilization & disinfection and sanitary management provisions in "HACCP" standards.

Description and Advantages of Naoclean

 1. A strong disinfecting power
NaoClean disinfecting water can fully sterilize bacteria in a shorter time at lower concentrations than traditional chemical disinfectants. And as neutral water, it maintains the freshness of food and does not damage nutrients. By eliminates germs on fruits, vegetables or fish, NaOClean can prevent various diseases.

2. Deodorization
NaOClean effectively eliminates foul odor and offers excellent results without damaging the environment or the human health; whereas conventional disinfectants such as ultraviolet, ozone, and alcohol come with negative consequences.

3. Safe and Convenient
NaOClean is safer on your skin than other chemical disinfectants. It leaves almost no chlorine residual, thanks to a quick dissolution of active chlorine.
Also, It generates a steady stream of powerful disinfecting water at a constant concentration, allowing users to use the disinfecting water at anytime and anywhere.

4. Zero pollution
Discharging untreated electrolyzed disinfecting water directly into the sewage system will not damage the environment or the system. Nor is it a violation of any sewerage acts. NaOClean generates safe and clean solution without producing a toxic smells and ensures good working conditions.


AC 110 or 220V, 50/60Hz,max.1.4kW
W480 X D300 X H490 mm
about 25kg
7.0~7.5 Neutral water


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