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Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-445


Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-445

Model: FG-445
Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-445

(Filling range: 50-4000ml) FG-445 suits for various low viscosity liquid, such as lotion, syrup, cleanser, etc. No adjustment is required as changing products and discharge vast volume to achieve high productivity with excellent accuracy.


FG-445 Features:

1. The number of filling nozzles can be customized
2. No bottle no fill.
3. Dipping nozzles can prevent spillage and diminish bubbles.
4. Numbers of gear pumps fill simultaneously to achieve high accuracy in high speed.
5. Equipped with bottle index system to make precise filling position.
6. Controlled by PLC control system with colorful touch screen.
7. Pneumatic shut-off nozzle prevent liquid from dripping down.
8. Equipped with emergency button .
9. Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel to meet cGMP standard.
10. Accumulated tray underneath nozzles.
11. Can be connected with production line or work independently.

FG-445 Specification:

● Filling range: 50~4000ml
● Filling speed: 50~250 ml/ sec, 20~40 bottles/min
● Accuracy: ± 1%
● Power supply: 220VAC, single phase
● Machine size: (L)1800mm (W)1050mm (H)1800mm

FG-445 Option Accessories:

● Bottle feeding turntable

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