Packaging Equipment


Capsule/Tablet Counting & Packing Machines


Tabletop Tablet Counter NTC-100

(Counting speed: 600~1000 pcs/min) NTC-100 is applicable for various tablets, pills, coated capsules. It can be filled in plastic bags and bottles to meet different industries needs.


Tabletop Twin Channels Tablet Counter NTM-100

(Counting speed: 600~1000 pcs/min) NTM-100 can count a wide range of applications including tablets, capsules, etc.


High accuracy tablet/capsule counting machine NTM-420

(Counting speed: 1200~2000 pcs/min) NTM-420 suits for irregular shape and regular shape of tablet and capsule counting requirement in bottles and bags. With PLC user friendly control system and touchscreen, it is easy to operate without training and adjustments to save downtime and boost productivity.