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Tabletop Tablet Counter NTC-100


Tabletop Tablet Counter NTC-100

Model: NTC-100
Tabletop Tablet Counter NTC-100

(Counting speed: 600~1000 pcs/min)

NTC-100 is applicable for various tablets, pills, coated capsules. It can be filled in plastic bags and bottles to meet different industries needs.


NTC-100 Features:

1. Counting speed is adjustable.
2. Containers positioned by pneumatic cylinder to ensure precise
3. Dust accumulating device for smooth and efficient counting.
4. Dual chutes for feeding continually.
5. Vibration hopper makes smooth counting process.
6. No adjustment is required as changing tablets.
7. Adopted Japan Keyence high accuracy photoelectric sensor.
8. Controlled by PLC system with LED touch screen.
9. Memory parameters for fast changeover.
10. Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, meets c GMP standard.

NTC-100 Specification:

●Bottle size: diameter: 48mm~100mm/ height: 116mm
●Capsule size: diameter>6mm, height> 3mm
●Tablet size: 2mm~30mm
●Accuracy: 100%
●Counting speed: 600~1000 pcs/min
●Voltage : 110 or 220
●Dimension: (L) 760mm (W) 550mm (H) 740mm

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