Packaging Equipment


Automatic Filling & Capping


NFL - 465 + NCA-410

(Filling range: 100-4000ml) Automatic Overflow Filling & ROPP Cap Capping Production Line is widely applied in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. A labeling machine can also be connected with the 6-nozzle overflow filler & the ROPP cap capper to increase the productivity to save more labor costs


Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-445

(Filling range: 50-4000ml) FG-445 suits for various low viscosity liquid, such as lotion, syrup, cleanser, etc. No adjustment is required as changing products and discharge vast volume to achieve high productivity with excellent accuracy.


Automatic Liquid Filling Machine FG-5125

(Filling range: Up to 4000ml) FG-5125 having 12 head automatic liquid filling machine, filling machine capacity can be customized to suit production speed. This bottling filling machine can be used for bottling juices, oils filling line, honey, food products, pharmacy syrups.


Semi-automatic piston liquid filler NFP-100

(Filling range: 5~200ml) NFP-100 Design for low viscosity liquid, such as lotion, oil, sauce, etc. Pneumatic operation makes filling procedure stable without electricity.


Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-100

(Filling range: 50-4000ml) FG-100 is equipped with gear pump to achieve high accuracy as filling various volume in high speed. It can fill vast kind of liquid such as lotion, shampoo, warm liquid (under 40℃), etc


Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler)

(Filling range: 50-4000ml) Semi-automatic star wheel capper is the best solution of automatic filling line for flexible small scale production .With integration of feeding turntable, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine.


Automatic ROPP Capper NCA-410

(Capping speed: 30~40 bottles / min) NCA-410 The automatic aluminum cap capper is exclusively designed by Neostarpack team and adopts single phase brushless motor which is concise and has great horsepower.


Automatic Capper NCT-415S

(Capping speed: 20-40 bottles / min) NCT-415S can be easily adjusted with the capping head to meet different capping requirements. With dual clipping conveyor, all kinds of bottles can meet precise position while caps feeding and capping.


Tabletop Pump Dispenser Capper NCW-100

(Capping speed: 20~30 bottles / min) NCW-100 Semi automatic screw capper is designed to handle most industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmacy, etc. Compact and hand held design make it easy to use anywhere.