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Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-100


Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-100

Model: FG-100
Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler FG-100

(Filling range: 50-4000ml)

FG-100 is equipped with gear pump to achieve high accuracy as filling various volume in high speed. It can fill vast kind of liquid such as lotion, shampoo, warm liquid (under 40℃), etc.


FG-100 Features:

1. Semi-automatic machine, easy to operate.
2. Easy to clean without disassembling whole machine.
3. Filling speed, volume, and interval time can be set on LED screen easily.
4. Metered by gear pump to retain high accuracy in high speed.
5. Ball-valve shut-off nozzle prevents liquid from dripping down.
6. Equipped with emergency button.
7. Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel to meet c GMP standard.

FG-100 Specification:

●Voltage : 110 or 220
●Filling range: 50-4000ml
●Filling speed: 50-250ml/sec
●Filling accuracy: 0.5%~1%
●Dimension: (L) 480mm (W) 310mm (H) 270mm

FG-100 Option Accessories:

●Customized stainless steel source tank
●Foot pedal operation
●Pneumatic shut-off nozzle
●Photocell switch
●Dipping nozzle

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