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Automatic ROPP Capper NCA-410


Automatic ROPP Capper NCA-410

Model: NCA-410
Automatic ROPP Capper NCA-410

(Capping speed: 30~40 bottles/ min)

NCA-410 The automatic aluminum cap capper is exclusively designed by Neostarpack team and adopts single phase brushless motor which is concise and has great horsepower. With aluminum cap carving machine, conveyor system and capping rotary, it can reach your capping requirement and achieve perfect performance. The machine can be updated with HMI touch panel for easy setting and will definitely become the ideal sealing device for mass production.


NCA-410 Features

1. Bottom buffer maintains cap completeness.
2. Equipped with emergency button for safety concern.
3. Capping speed can be flexibly adjusted by various bottles.
4. Uniquely designed position system prevents from cap jam.
5. Precise counting system helps to control production process.
6. Optional HMI touch panel eliminates complicated setting procedure.
8. Adopt high class imported Top-Chain conveyor chain for stable conveyance.
9. Strict production quality testing system avoids cap wastage and missing capping.
10. Advanced cap transporting system tremendously reduces noise during operation.
11. The structure is uniquely designed to be firm and stable to support its operation.
12. Capping head can be adjusted by hand wheel based on different height of product.
13. Made of SUS 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for easy maintenance and longevity.
14. Machine has wheel for easy movement and can be fixed when changed to the right place.
15. All capping heads are driven by single phase brushless motor to control torque for stable capping
16. The cap is carved according to precise standard line automatically set by system to reach top capping quality.

 NCA-410 Specification:

●Cap type:for all kinds of aluminum cap
●Driven device:single phase brushless motor
●Capping speed:30~40 bottles/ min
●Voltage:110 or 220
●Machine dimension: (L) 2500 mm (W) 1200 mm (H) 1600mm

NCA-410 Optional Accessories:

●HMI touch panel
●Vibratory bowl & chute
●Infeed/Outfeed turntable
●Precise sensor control production smoothness

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