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NFL - 465 + NCA-410


Automatic Overflow Filling & ROPP Cap Capping Production Line (NFL-465+NCA-410)

Model: NFL-465+NCA-410
Automatic Overflow Filling & ROPP Cap Capping Production Line (NFL-465+NCA-410)

(Filling range: 100-4000ml)

Automatic Overflow Filling & ROPP Cap Capping Production Line is widely applied in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. A labeling machine can also be connected with the 6-nozzle overflow filler & the ROPP cap capper to increase the productivity to save more labor costs.


NFL-465+NCA-410 Features:

1. Lower cost choice of filler with effective productivity.
2. Overflow filling system: No different liquid level problem.
3. Best suitable for filling foamy products at higher speeds.
4. Can be customized for flammable or corrosive liquid.
5. Excess liquid or foam will overflow back to the reservoir.
6. Anti-dripping tray: keeps the machine clean.
7. All liquid contacting parts are made of stainless steel or sanitary materials.
8. Customized design for capping aluminum ROPP caps.
9. Easy changeover modular for capping different sizes of caps.
10. Capping speed, pressure, and torque are adjustable by knobs.
11. Equipped with emergency button for safety concerns.
12. Capping height can be adjusted simply by hand wheel.
13. Easy operation with user-friendly controlling interface.
14. Heavy-duty cabinet basement with casters: easy to move.
15. Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for easy maintenance and longevity.

NFL-465+NCA-410 Specification:

● No. of nozzles : 6 nozzles (can be customized to 4, 8, or 12 nozzles)
● Filling speed : 25~40 bpm (depends on product viscosity and bottle size)
● Filling range : 100~4000ml (can be customized)
● Accuracy : ± 1%
● Voltage : 110 or 220 VAC

● Driven device : Single phase brushless motor
● Capping speed : 30~40 pcs/min (depends on bottle and cap size)
● Cap Type : Aluminum caps
● Air consumption : 5Kg
● Voltage : 110 or 220 VAC

NFL-465+NCA-410 Option Accessories:

● Automatic cap feeder
● Feeding/collecting turntable
● Anti-dust protecting case

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