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Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler)


Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler)

Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler)

(Filling range: 50-4000ml)

Semi-automatic star wheel capper is the best solution of automatic filling line for flexible small scale production .With integration of feeding turntable, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine, it provides consistent action without down time and reduces operator’s injury. Just one machine can fill all your small bottles.


Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler) Features

1. Able to handle screw caps or other screw caps with a special shape of caps.
2. Equipped with bottle feeding turntable to save manpower and empty bottle feeding time.
3. The speed of feeding turntable is adjustable according to requirements.
4. Allowed to connect with any kinds of tabletop filling machine.
5. Precise detection system, no bottle no filling and capping.
6. Entire star wheel can be replaced easily for different sizes of bottles.
7. All settings including filler and capper can be set on touchscreen.
8. No caps alarm stops running machine if there is no caps under capping head.
9. Capping height can be adjusted by numeric hand wheel.
10. Pneumatic bottle positioning system for precise bottle position.
11. Made of stainless steel and high grade anodized aluminum.
12. Small batch production is easy and efficient.

Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler) Specification

● Caps type: Screw caps
● Capping speed: 1000/hr
● Bottle size: Dia: 15~50mm/ Height: 30~60mm 

Compact Filling Line (Filler+Capper+Labeler) Option Accessories

● Customized star wheel


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